Global Institute of Theology Application System

(2022 Fall) Application Guidelines for Global Institute of Theology (GIT)

The United Graduate School of Theology (UGST) at Yonsei University


■  Application Field: Master of Theology (Th.M.), Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.)

- Major: Old Testament, New Testament, Systematic Theology & Theology of Culture, Philosophy of Religion, Church History, Christian Ethics, Christian Education, Counseling & Coaching, World Christianity & Mission Studies


■  Application Timeline

A. Online Application Submission: 9:30 AM (Tue) April 12th ~ 5:00 PM (Tue) May 3rd, 2022 (KST) ※ 100% Online Application

B. Result of Document Screening: 5:00 PM (Fri) May 27th, 2022 (KST) ※ Interview candidates will be notified via email by the administrative office.

C. Interview (Online): Middle of June 2022 (TBA) ※ Online Interview in Real Time

D. Result Announcement: (Fri) June 17th, 2022 ※ The announcement will be sent to each successful candidate via email.



■  2022학년도 후기 연합신학대학원 GIT 외국인전형 모집요강 (국문) [[[클릭]]]


■  Letter of Recommendation (Sample, MS Word) 

■  Release of Information Form (MS Word)


 * Please read the application guidelines above thoroughly to follow up the relevant procedures.


▪ All application materials must be submitted through our online application system. Please note that we do not accept any applications in hard copy during the application period. However, you will be asked to submit additional documents after you are admitted to our school.

▪ You are not allowed to change your application information once you have completed it, so please make sure to fill out the application form correctly before submitting it. We are not responsible for any result caused by missing or false information written in the application.

▪ You may be logged out of the application system automatically unless you don’t save the application from time to time. Please save your application by pressing the ‘save’ button at the bottom of the website within 30 minutes.

▪ The online application service will be outsourced to a third party, but your personal information (name, social security number, contact details, academic records etc.) will not be used for other purposes than processing your application. The personal information of the final successful candidate will be used as data for the creation of the academic register of our school, so please agree to the collection and use of personal information upon application.

▪ Please keep checking your email regularly after the announcement of results for any important notice.

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